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Change car oil

Dernière mise à jour : 22 juil. 2021

Changing the car oil is one of the most important things to keep in mind,

in order to maintain the life of the car engine, and this process includes draining the old car oil and replacing it with new oil, and the filter must be changed simultaneously with the oil change.

There are many factors that affect the timing of the oil change, including; Climatic conditions, driving a car, driving speed, engine life, condition and the like, but some user manuals suggest changing the oil after driving the car from 4,800 km to 16,000 km, while d Other manuals suggest changing it every 6000 km in winter and from 3000 to 5000 km in summer, but it is better to change the oil early in the following cases: driving at high speed.

Live in a very cold or very hot climate. Drive the car on an unpaved road. The car engine is old and consumes a lot of oil. Use the vehicle to load heavy goods vehicles or to overload.

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In all newly produced cars, there are many warning signs in the dashboard in front of the driver indicating any fault in the car, whether in the event of lack of fuel or an imbalance in tire pressure and a high temperature indicator, in addition to alerting the driver of the need to change the car engine oil.

Changing the car oil is one of the most important maintenance items that we all need to do according to the instructions associated with each type of car. Especially if the car is used and has traveled a lot of kilometers

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We try to write many articles on used car maintenance, because we specialize in the purchase and maintenance of used cars and we have a lot of experience in the field of replacement, change and maintenance of auto parts.

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