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Electric car

Dernière mise à jour : 22 juil. 2021

An electric car is a vehicle that does not use known fuel to move but rather uses electric energy

An electric car can replace a normal motor with an electric motor that draws on the electric current from the battery

Battery stores a good amount of electrical energy each time it is charged

It is also possible to recharge the battery with ease. We are not talking about the charging speed, now because it depends on the type of battery, its quality and the source of the charge

We can say that the electric car is very ecological, unlike normal cars, because it does not produce waste harmful to the environment

Car makers use lithium in making automotive batteries, which is the same material used in making cell phone batteries

Car battery price is almost less than $ 20,000

It is used approximately 3000 times of charged equivalent to eight years


The battery can ignite the car in some cases, such as a serious collision

A very high price is also a disadvantage

Like most people in most countries cannot afford this kind of expensive brand

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